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Holi Mela in Sydney, Australia - Full Video

Feb 26, 2018

Expert Holi Mela, Sydney   ...

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Bollywood star Sri Devi dies of cardiac arrest

Feb 25, 2018

Sridevi, one of India's most celebrated actresses, has died of cardiac arrest in Dubai. Family members confirmed to the Indian Express website that the actress had passed away on Saturday morning while attending a family wedding. "It is true that Sridevi passed away. I just landed here (India), I was in Dubai and now I am flying ba...

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Game of Thrones hackers demand ransom

Aug 9, 2017

Hackers who have leaked Game of Thrones scripts and other data from entertainment company HBO have released a note demanding a ransom payment. In a new dump, they also published a script for the as yet unbroadcast fifth episode of the current series. Company documents and video episodes of other HBO shows were also shared. The hackers cl...

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Justin Bieber banned from China over 'bad behaviour'

Jul 23, 2017

Justin Bieber won't be taking to the stage in Beijing any time soon. The Canadian pop star has been banned from performing in China because of his past "bad behaviour," according to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture — although it did concede he has talent. "Justin Bieber is a young foreign singer who is talented at singing but...

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BBC salaries indicate gender pay gap, most on-air hosts earn more than the British Prime Minister

Jul 20, 2017

The publicly-funded BBC has been forced to publish the names and salaries of its highest-earning actors and presenters, unleashing a national debate about fame, gender, race and the use of taxpayers' money. The list shows that the BBC pays 96 on-air personalities at least 150,000 pounds ($319,000) a year, meaning most earn more than the Prime...

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Game of Thrones: The Internet goes crazy on the latest update on Jon Snow’s status

Jul 6, 2017

Jon Snow — who all would recollect was brutally stabbed to death in Season 5 — was resurrected by the red priestess Melisandre in the second episode of Season 2. Actor Kit Harington — who plays Jon Snow — and show creators DB Weiss and David Benioff along with the rest of the cast had been insistent on the finality Jon Snow&...

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This is why Ed Sheeran quit Twitter

Jul 4, 2017

Ed Sheeran says he's quit Twitter after receiving a stream of abuse. "I've actually come off Twitter completely," he told The Sun. "I can't read it. "I go on it and there's nothing but people saying mean things. One comment ruins your day. But that's why I've come off it." The star, who has 19 million followers, says he'll keep the account ...

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Jeewan Saathi - Nepali Pop Song released

Jun 18, 2017

New Nepali Pop Song "Jeewan Saathi" by Niraj Shakya featuring actress Esha Bajracharya - A video-song beautifully portraying the married couples moments of honey moon.Niraj R Shakya "JEEWAN SAATHI"Vocals / Lyrics / Music : Niraj R Shakya Arranger : Almonda Rana UpretyRecordist : Rangeet Ballav Uprety Mixing & Mastering : Ujwal Shreyan...

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Katy Perry’s Witness misses out on third consecutive No. 1 album spot in Australia

Jun 18, 2017

KATY Perry has missed out on her third consecutive No. 1 album in Australia. Perry’s new album Witness entered at No. 2 behind Ed Sheeran’s 15 week old Divide. Despite 72 hours of live streaming herself to promote the album Perry sold just 5794 copies in Australia last week. Sheeran sold 8958 copies to clock up his...

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Prankster fools travellers with fake electrical power outlets

Jun 18, 2017

KILLING time at an airport on a long layover is painful. Especially if your phone battery has run out. But one Twitter user had some fun confusing poor travellers experiencing such a moment as he, himself, tried to kill time for his flight to London from Florida.   The prankster decided to place some pretty realistic looking stickers ...

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