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Coming to Australia from Nepal

Before leaving Nepal, you need to do various things, which you may forget to do. Make sure you have completed all the things listed below.

Note: This list is created just for reference. It does not mean that you should follow this or fully rely on this.

  • Make sure your shopping list is done (see recommended items)
  • Note down important contacts (Contacts in Australia, if you have any one in Australia)
  • Make note of the telephone number of Embassy and Consular in Australia (If anythings happens to you, your passport, these guys are the ones to help you sort out things.)
  • Make sure you note down address of your College/University
  • Make sure you give your flight arrival time and date to the one who is coming you to pick up.
  • Check your baggage weight and allowed weight (Normal baggage allowance varies from airlines from 27 kgs to 30 kgs)


  • If you have a ticket and gate no. assigned in your ticket in your transit Airport, you can check the map of the transit airport and get a clear picture.
    If you want to see the sky, be sure you book a window seat.
    And, if your airlines provides meal, it is suggested to book your preferred meal when you book the ticket.
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