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After you arrive in Australia from Nepal

As soon as you land in Australia, you need to do some important things within few days of your arrival.

Get Connected:

Call your contact in Australia -if they are not already in the airport to receive you.

Call your relatives back in Nepal - tell your parents/relatives that you arrived safe and sound. You can call them using telephone booths in the airport and all over the cities. You can use your travel card (visa/mastercard) to make calls from payphones.

Updated! FREE TELSTRA WiFi is available as of now in different CBDs (Central Business Districts) around the nation. Sydney CBD, Melbourne, Hobart, Darwin, Perth, Brisbane and all major cities etc. (you need to get a Telstra Prepaid SIM)

Get a SIM Card:

While you are in Australia you will need a mobile phone SIM card. There are many mobile phone operators in Australia. Most of them offer different plans. You can get phones on plans as well. Some of the popular carriers are Vodafone, Optus, Telstra, Virgin Mobile.
But for the first time you need time to check all the offers and plans. So don't hurry. Take your time.
For time being when you arrive here just get a prepaid SIM card. Some of the popular pay-as-you-go mobiles are Lebara Mobile,
And you can get their SIM card for just $2 and recharge it with $10 recharge voucher.

Enroll in your College/Uni (if you're a student):

If you are on a student visa, one of the first thing is to go to your campus and enroll for your studies. Be sure to ask them for your ID card because it is the only proof of ID that you're a student. ID card is useful while you open a bank account. If you are a student you do not have to pay monthly bank account maintenace fee.

australia bank notesOpen a Bank Account:

One of the important thing you need to do is open a bank account. Bank account in Australia are used for Everyday banking such as shopping, salary credit. People use credit/debit cards more than cash so having a bank account is important for you to manage your finances.
You can open a bank account with one of the banks below. Banks will not charge you monthly fees until you are a student, after your student status is expired normally they charge you $5 every month for account maintenance.

Australia has polymer (plastic) bank notes.

Four Major banks of Australia,
Commonwealth Bank
ANZ Bank
National Australia Bank (nab)

Other popular Banks
St. George
List of Banks in Australia

Current Rate
1 AUD = 0 NRs.