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Hello, there today you introduced a cash back program. When you post any article, room/apartment listings, classified ads or job offers, you will get rewarded for every post. We encourage users to post valid and authentic advertisement as you will be paid only for authentic posts. You can repost ads from facebook pages (No copyrighted contents please!)

Per Article/News post - AU$ 0.15
Per Job Listing - AU$ 0.15
Per Room/Apartment Listing - AU$ 0.15
Per Classified Ad Listing - AU$ 0.10

Per Original Article post - AU$ 2

If you write any original article/blog post. We will pay you AU$ 2 for it. You may write about anything related to Nepal, Australia and other aspects like Science-Tech, IT, Lifestyle, Health, Business, Sports. Your article is subject to plaigarism check and originality analysis. Submit your article here.

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